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Rebecca Dale



Welcome to Rebecca Dale Photography.

A mix of my travel, fashion, food, and lifestyle photography.

My name is Rebecca Dale Adler and I am a Dallas based Photographer. Originally from New York, I grew up on the Upper East Side and discovered my passion for photography there. After shooting fashion bloggers and fashion week in New York City, I moved to Texas and started my business again down here. 

I have dabbled in all kinds of photography such as fashion, street, travel, food, portraits, fine art, concerts, social media, weddings, and engagement photography. I can cater towards any photography needs, my style always varies based on each shoot . My true passion is to travel the world and capture beautiful and unique images that evoke a cinematic feel. I am not limited to anywhere, as I can travel any time for work. In fact the more traveling for work, the better. Please contact me for any inquiries! 

I am constantly updating my site with new content, so please check back for more!

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