San Antonio Library

Ever since I began my journey as a photographer I have dealt with so many different mediums. I think it is important when starting out to photograph everything and anything. As you become more aware of what you like it is important to focus on those specific areas. I also think photography is ever evolving, and my style is constantly changing. Right now my favorite kinds of photography are travel, food, fashion, and minimalism which is all displayed right here on my website.

Minimalism is new for me, but I absolutely love it. Travel photography is still my favorite, but honestly from being on Instagram you probably will end up with a shot that a thousand other people have already taken. I know I have. Minimalist photography gives you that unique edge to snap a photo that nobody else has taken or at least not that many people. You can also incorporate minimalism with travel like I do. Here I did a minimalist project at The San Antonio Central Library. Normally this is not a tourist destination. It almost is in the middle of nowhere with a lot of homeless people inside and out, yet it is an incredible photography wonderland. Before I go on a trip I do so much research to see where I want to photograph. This site stood out to me on my search and I knew I could practice minimalism here. There are so many types of minimalist photography. I love the bright colors and geometric shapes here.